Digital specialist/strategist with a long background in all things digital. Father of one, loves to be outdoors – hiking och biking. Personality profile (ALVA and/or MAP) available upon request.


Product owner, Agria Djurförsäkring — 2023-present

Product owner of customer experience in all markets and devices.

Project manager, Digital agency in Stockholm — 2017-2023

One of the most successful project managers at the agency. Managed some of the firms biggest accounts. Have seen the company grow from around 20 people to 50+. Loyal and long term customers during these years, and always gets positive feedback in our yearly surveys – both from customers and colleagues. Focused on strategic and long term partnerships at the same time as managing operative project groups. Financial reports and prognostics, project management/planning, pitch and sales, stake holder presentations etc.

Production manager, Digital agency in Stockholm – 2014-2017

Production manager for one of the agencies largest accounts. Managed both in-house and off site developers. Time management, project planning, some financial responsibilities etc.

Self employed web developer, Didjit — 2010-2014

Web development, finances, pitch work, sales, hiring sub contractors, being a sub contractor. A lot of different tasks, as it is being self employed.

Web strategist, Save the Children Sweden — 2006-2010

Advocated digital transformation in communications. Article in Internetworld (In swedish).

SEO/Web, Jajja Communications — 2001-2006

IT Consultant, Sapio AB — 1999-2001


Berghs School of Communications – 2009

Web Management.

Other merits

Taught myself PHP by building –

Rode my bike around Vättern 2,5 times

Learned to play the guitar by mimicking idols and printing out tabs from Altavista (A long, long time ago). Formed bands and played both live and in a studio.